International Conference
Singular Problems, Blow-up, and Regimes with Peaking in Nonlinear PDEs

RUDN University (Russia) and Institut Denis Poisson (France) are organizing the International Conference “Singular Problems, Blow-up and Regimes with Peaking in Nonlinear PDEs”. The conference will be held in Moscow on November 10–14, 2019.

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Scientific committee
H. Brezis, A. Shishkov (co-chairman), A. Skubachevskii, A. Tesei, J. L. Vàzquez, L. Véron (co-chairman), F. Weissler.

Organizing committee
A. Faminskii (vice-chairman), V. Filippov (chairman), E. Galakhov, P. Gurevich, A. Kon'kov, M. Korpusov, E. Martynov, A. Nikolaev, A. Panin, V. Popov, N. Shcherbakova, A. Shishkov, M. Surnachev, A. Tasevich.

Main topics of the conference
Blow-up and singularities for nonlinear PDEs.
Peaking regimes in nonlinear evolution equations.
Large solutions of nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations and systems.
Long-time dynamics of nonlinear PDE.
Quasilinear equations with measure data.

Confirmed invited speakers
M. Fila (Slovakia), V. Galkin (Russia), E. Kaikina (Mexico), A. Kovalevsky (Russia), J. Lopez-Gomez (Spain), M. Marcus (Israel), H. Matano (Japan), P. Naumkin (Mexico), A. Nazarov (Russia), N. Nefedov (Russia), E. Panov (Russia), M. del Pino (UK), A. Porretta (Italy), O. Rozanova (Russia), J.-C. Saut (France), P. Souplet (France), A. Tedeev (Russia), L. Véron (France), F. Weissler (France), M. Winkler (Germany), E. Yanagida (Japan).

The Book of Abstracts will be published before the beginning of the Conference.

Сlosest hotels to the Conference location:

  1. Hotel "Warsaw" (Leninskiy av. 2/1, book a room)
  2. Hotel "Zodiac" (Leninskiy av. 15, book a room)
  3. Business hotel "Serpukhovskoy dvor" (2-nd Roshinskiy proezd 8-4, book a room)
  4. Hotel "Castello" (Leninskiy av. 34/1, book a room)
  5. Hotel "Akademicheskaya" (Donskaya str. 1, book a room)
  6. Hotel "Astrus Moscow" (Leninskiy av. 146, book a room)

Registration fee 100 EUR is paid upon arrival


RUDN University, Project 5-100.
International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation (ISAAC).